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Sueno Deluxe

Sueno Deluxe Belek Turkish Bath

Turkish bath is a really important for us. It is one of our many traditions. It roots go back to 6-7 century. Turkish baths are made of marble especially from Marmara.

When Sueno reached us with this project we couldn’t say no. We would love to see our work bring people health and happiness. Sueno has hundreds even thousands people who visits their hotels every year. Especially foreign guests who will see Turkish baths for the first time are really important for us. Introducing Turkish Baths to foreigners are really appreciating for us. They will have the chance to see a modern and also traditional Turkish Bath in Sueno Deluxe Belek.

Bath took us 240 days to finish and 90 tonnes of marble. We really recommend our customers to take a Turkish bath there.

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