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NATUR STONE Manufacturing & Trading Ltd Co. established in 2004.

As a result of Turkey being one of the most important sources of the marble & travertine in the world which can be observed very clearly in Turkey's history through the amazing antiquities. Turkey which is evolutes today with the most modern Technique & Artistry in Marble industries field in the world and we looking forward to add even a little bit more to that great history.

Although the company had started as a small modest atoll, but, with the hard work & high quality production, the company expanded to be cover 5000 m2 as an open space & 1500 m2 as a slater space & about 30 qualify worker, using CNC slaughtering (cutting) & robotic system in producing the highest quality and exporting to 20 country of products that are architectural projects, sinks, basins, columns.

Although the production was only circular sink (washbasin) in 2004, but day after day, the production expand to be include special & multi designs of kitchen & bathroom sinks, bathtubs, columns etc., and split face mosaic in 2010.

Statues, busts, relief, ion, and Corinthian-style columns etc. planned in 2011 as a new production line for special projects.

As of 2022 we are operating with four robotic systems, four CNC machines, wire cutters and also waterjet machines. We still have the passion for creating beautiful art as same as the day we started. 

We are trying our best to have our customers satisfied about the process and also the end product they received. 

We also started operating a quarry in 2022. Our quarry is located in Konya/Türkiye. We are very excited to adding something to this beautiful market of natural stone. You can check out more in our Quarry page.


ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificates of quality standard & environment standard license was awarded to our company. We aim to gather the beauty of the natural stone with the multi spaces of the life, for more beautiful life.

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