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Whiteness from Hell

There are 12 gods in Greek mythology.

Every one of them serves for a different purpose.

Hades is one of the three main gods in Greek Mythology.

Zeus, Hades , Poseidon. They are all brothers.

Zeus is the god of sky, Poseidon is seas and Hades is underground.

Hades also has a three-headed dog 'Cerberus' who guards the entrance of underground.

Hierapolis is an ancient city located in Pamukkale,Denizli. It is founded at Early 2nd century BC. and abandoned in 14th century.

Hierapolis means 'Holy City' in ancient Greek. Hierapolis was originally a Phyrigian city although later it became a Greek one. That is why we can find ancient Greek ruins there. They believed that there was a gate that connects unground and our world. So they build Hades's statues.

Project took us 30 days to finish, 40 tonnes of Afyon White.

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Afyon White


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