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  • Ozerhan Tokman

Bursa Block Fair 2022

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

We were at Bursa Block Fair 2022.

We were at Bursa Block Fair for the first time. As we are really excited for our new quarry 'Dolce Luna' we were really happy to hear really good comments about our stone.

"Like the moon on a sweet summer night!"

Let us tell you about our naming process.

We were at Marmomac 2022 when we came up with this name. "Dolce Luna" translates to "Sweet Moon" in Italian. The moon looked a lot like our stone that day. So we decided that it should be Dolce Luna.

Bursa Block Fair

Bursa was a new fair for us. It is really important for quarry owners because it is the biggest and only block fair in Turkey. Quarry owners gets the chance to show their stones to their customers and also their competitors.

As we just opened our quarry we didn't want to miss to chance to show our stone to new customers. We would like to see our stone everywhere and anywhere in the world. So it is really important to attract new buyers.

We were more than happy to see our customers visit our booth and gave us their beautiful comments. We are ready for the new season and excited about it.

Thanks for coming and visiting us!


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